Dakota Johnson’s Diet And Workout Routine

Dakota Johnson's secret to staying fit? A balanced 3-2-1 diet plan – three meals, two snacks, and one liter of water daily!

Breakfast for Dakota means oatmeal with fruit and a poached egg, giving her the energy to conquer the day.

For lunch, it's all about fresh and nutrient-packed meals, from quinoa salads to grilled chicken.

Dakota's dinners are real and healthy, steering clear of greasy indulgences, and she keeps portions moderate.

Snacking is a breeze with fresh-squeezed juices or simple options like nuts and fresh fruit.

Surprisingly, Dakota is mildly allergic to limes, despite her on-screen love for them – she spilled the beans on Jimmy Fallon!

No strict food restrictions for Dakota; moderation is key, with occasional enjoyment of wine.

Water is her ally, helping flush out toxins and aiding recovery when her diet isn't spot-on.

Dakota's workout routine involves smart cardio – short runs, hot yoga, and stress-relieving Hatha yoga.

During Fifty Shades, her toned physique came from light-weight, high-rep circuits with celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza, keeping it functional and avoiding bulk.

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