Gigi Hadid's Diet and Exercise: 10 Interesting Facts

Gigi Hadid, the renowned model, walked in 13 shows during the 2018 fashion weeks, showcasing her status as a sought-after runway pro.

Hadid's strong work ethic and good manners have earned her a place in the new age of models, according to British Vogue.

Managing Hashimoto's disease, an autoimmune disorder affecting the thyroid, has been a part of Hadid's journey to success.

Hadid's breakfast choice includes scrambled eggs and toast, providing essential protein and nutrients for her busy schedule.

The model enjoys orange juice and coffee with her morning meal, though nutritionists caution about the sugar content in juice.

Hadid frequents Juice Press for green juices, but opinions vary on the overall health benefits of such beverages.

Balancing a clean diet with occasional indulgences, Hadid's motto is "Eat clean to stay fit, have a burger to stay sane."

Boxing is Hadid's preferred workout, offering a full-body exercise that complements her active lifestyle.

Hadid's go-to salad at The Smile reflects her commitment to a healthy diet with a focus on greens and lean proteins.

Dealing with body shaming, Hadid responded on Twitter, attributing weight fluctuations to her Hashimoto's disease and promoting empathy and understanding.

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