Paddy Pimblett Weighty Tale: From 155.5lbs to a Near 200lb Feast

After his UFC debut win in September, Paddy Pimblett gained nearly 40 pounds, reaching a weight of almost 200lbs.

Paddy, known as "Paddy the Baddy," celebrated his victory with three main meals and two desserts on multiple occasions.

Weighing in at 155.5lbs for his debut, he revealed reaching a peak weight of 195lbs due to indulgent eating habits.

Paddy acknowledges the need to avoid a similar weight gain after his upcoming UFC London fight in March.

Despite the weight gain, Paddy remains determined, stating, "I might be fat, but I'll never get lazy."

He aims to prove himself at UFC London on March 19, facing Rodrigo Vargas on the undercard of Tom Aspinall's bout.

Paddy anticipates overwhelming his opponent with the energy of the packed home crowd at London's The O2.

Confident in his showmanship, he predicts Vargas will be taken aback, describing the atmosphere as "like a festival."

Paddy values the crowd's response to his walkouts, emphasizing that his presence ignites excitement among spectators.

With a Performance of the Night bonus already under his belt, Paddy looks forward to making 2023 a significant year for his career.

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