Al Roker Weight Loss Explains How He Lost 45 Pounds

Al Roker celebrated the 20th anniversary of his gastric bypass surgery, sharing a remarkable transformation on Instagram and Twitter.

The Today weatherman, aged 67, showcased his achievement by fitting his entire body into just half of his old size 54 Levi jeans.

Roker emphasized his determination to never revert to his pre-surgery lifestyle, acknowledging daily struggles but highlighting his incredible journey.

His post received supportive comments from colleagues like Savannah Guthrie and Carson Daly, praising his inspirational commitment to health.

Al Roker underwent gastric bypass in 2002, shedding over 100 lbs after years of unsuccessful diets and health issues.

Despite initial secrecy about his surgery, Roker surprised coworkers and viewers alike with his rapid and visible weight loss.

Rejecting stereotypes, he asserted, "I'm funny. I know I'm fat. But I don't think I'm funny because I'm fat."

Roker maintains his weight through regular exercise and healthy eating, sharing his fitness journey on Instagram.

The TV personality also explored the keto diet, successfully losing 40 lbs and defending his choice amid differing opinions.

Emphasizing individual choices, Roker said, "What works for you, works for you," recognizing the importance of personal decisions with medical professionals.

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